Shanghai Wedding Photographer

Are you looking for a Shanghai wedding photographer? Sweet. Check out one of the weddings or pre-wedding sessions below i was lucky to photograph so far. I have to tell you little bit about my story with Shanghai. I have been living in this vibrant city for 2 years. And yes, it was quite the adventure! After a slow start, i got to know the city a bit. Especially the first months were filled with wandering the streets of old town Shanghai and doing lots of street photography. Since my return to Europe in 2009 i still go back to Shanghai at least once or twice a year. Usually for some photography and to catch up with good friends. When not photographing, we bike around the city (mainly around Jingan’ district or the former french concession) check out the latest cafes, bars and restaurants and talk about our favorite topics. I am always amazed how a once so exotic city in a completly different culture, can become somehow familiar once you live there. Shanghai will always hold a special place in my heart and i am thankful everytime i get the chance to go back and reconnect with its heartbeat.

Feel free to also browse through some of my editorial/lifestyle/personal work i did in Shanghai.

Curious about Shanghai? I have also done some street photography, when arriving in the city the first time 2006.