Bali Wedding Photographer

Looking for a Bali wedding photographer? Sweet. Have a look at this lovely wedding i captured in Bali held in Thirta Uluwatu and Four Seasons Jimbaran. Get inspired to dream of breathtaking vistas, tropical lushness and colorful balinese culture.
My favorite part of the island is Ubud and its abundant green surroundings. It is detoxing your senses with a strong green infusion. Expect lot’s of rice fields, coconut trees and bamboo everywhere. Expect being in awe while taking in the views of the Sanyan valley – enjoying your afternoon tea or meditating in a tree house. Eating organic and straight from the farm, sometimes you and your lunch are even surrounded by the farm. Listening to the sounds of balinese bamboo instruments playing in the wind. Gratefulness will kick in naturally on this island. And you might never want to leave again. In the evenings a whole orchestra of cicadas, frogs and birds is playing in a pond next to you. You will even feel at honeymoon when it’s not your honeymoon. Add some listening to the ocean, surfing the waves, a walk in the jungle and you are instantly reconnected with nature. Adventurous honeymooners or other passionate people might even find themselves climbing the volcano. If you have the chance, visting the green school was one of the inspirational highlights of this years visit. I have recently been back to Ubud for some exploring and a personal photo project that i started this year. So in between ricefields, detox smoothies and some transformational yoga classes i was scouting for good locations to shoot and pondering about things as usual.  Planning to spend some more quality time in Bali in 2015. Please do not hesitate to inquire about my travel schedule. See you there.


And also some personal editorial projects that i photographed on the island.

And the latest edition of ”in love around the work’ with local stories and insights from Bali.

Christopher - Your work is amazing. I am an upcoming wedding photographer and your work has inspired me a lot.